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7 Cool Men’s Fanny Pack To Buy In 2018

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7 Cool Men’s Fanny Pack To Buy In 2018

Fanny Pack, Bum Bag or Cross Body Bags – whatever you call them, they are in trend!

Fanny packs aren’t bum bags anymore. There are now the “In Thing” and being a Londoner, I have seen my fair share of fanny packs around London both on women and also men. Matter of fact, the last London Fashion Week Men was a designer fanny pack parade.

Unlike how it used to be worn around the waist like a nerd, men now wear it as a crossbody bag – sort of like a messenger bag. You know something is popping when Luxury brands jack it, make it and make it super expensive.

We’ve taken the liberty to gather 7 Cool Men’s Fanny Pack To Buy In 2018.

1. Boohoo’s Woven Aztec Bumbag

Woven Aztec Bumbag

Taking it back to the basic. This Woven Aztec (a popular classic Mexico culture) from Boohoo’s men section is both super affordable and very classy. With so much noise around the world on what’s hot and what’s not – a woven fanny pack screams “Am original, look at me! IDGAF”.

Wear this with pride on a white or black Tshirt or jacket to make the multiple colours pop!

Price: £5.60 | Source: Boohoo

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2. Tommy Jeans 5.0 Sailing Cross Body Bag

Tommy Jeans 5.0 Sailing Cross Body Bag

Styled in the classic red, white and blue colour blocking style of the 90’s. This Cross body bag is designed with the Tommy Jeans logo + branding at the front which is definitely a show -stopper and an easy, yet not so cheesy way of showing you still have your 90’s blood in you.

Price: £70 | Urban Outfitters

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3. ICON embroidered belt bag

ICON embroidered belt bag

What do you know about an ICON Living? Rock this DSQUARED ICON embroidered fanny pack bag to remind people who the ICON is. DSQUARED’s Iconic “ICON” simple design has become a vibe lately with their hat but this bum bag takes it up a notch, especially if its hanging around your neck.

DSQUARED’s new designs and collections keeps becoming more luxurious and innovative with every new release.

Price: £170 | FarFetch

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4. ASOS DESIGN Festival Bum Bag in oval

ASOS DESIGN festival bum bag in oval

This bum bag is a VIBE! The oval shape makes it stand out so much and the black / gold details just sets this bum bag into a class of it’s own. Just like the name, this is one of those bum bags that will make you center of attention in festivals or rooftop parties. Anyone else hates people asking them “where did you buy this from?” I do!

Price: £14 | ASOS

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5. Medusa Palazzo Belt Bag

Medusa Palazzo belt bag

Give your outfit a boost with this Luxe Versace belt bag. I tried my best not to include any overpriced luxury bum bag into this list but I had to add this Versace bum bag, its a major drip! The cool and calm colour scheme on this makes it a lowkey show stopper. There’s nothing to say more than “look at the head on my bag – it’s Medusa”.

Price: £440 | FarFetch

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6. Buscemi Fanny Pack

Buscemi Fanny Pack

Stay classy and clean in this Buscemi Leather fanny pack. Made with supple luxurious calf leather with Embossed Buscemi Branding, this is one of those cross body bags you keep close to you worn with cool white and black outfits.

Price: £319 | END Clothing

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7. Derry Cross Body Bag

Derry cross body bag

This isn’t a case of keeping the best for the last. This is a case of Jimmy Choo taking on the bumbag trend that has been going strong for the past few seasons and taking it to the stars. Literally, this Cross Body Bag is studded with stars made from grainy calf leather.

Price: £550 | FarFetch

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Are you into Cross Body Bags, Bum Bags or the Fanny Pack trend? Which of these featured above are you feeling? Let us know in the comment section below.

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