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The 7 Best Tablets of 2018 That Might Replace Your PC

The 7 Best Tablets of 2018


The 7 Best Tablets of 2018 That Might Replace Your PC

Find the perfect tablet for your needs and budget right here!

Most tablets are now taking the place of computers and laptops. They vary in Operating systems, sizes, features, prices and have become a rival / replacement for computer these days. We’ve gathered some of the best tablets from top brands like Apple, Samsung, Amazon and Microsoft.

Here are the The 7 Best Tablets of 2018 That Might Replace Your PC

(1) 2018 Apple iPad

2018 Apple iPad 9.7

This new Apple 2018 iPad is Powerful, Portable, and Personal with a gorgeous 9.7-inch Retina display. With more longer lasting power, powerful processor, crips and clean 9.7 inch Retina display and Apple Pencil support, this can easily replace a bulky computer. With this tablet, you get access to millions and millions of high quality apps, games and productivity tools and also the innovative Touch ID fingerprint sensor functionality.

This all new 2018 Apple iPad is the best tablet decision anyone can make.  It comes in three (3) colours (Gold, Space Gray and Silver) and you can pick between 32gig and 128gig in terms of size. You also have the option of choosing the one with.

ipad 2018 reviews by customers

Price: £315.99 | Source: Amazon

(2) Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet

Fire HD 8 Tablet with Alexa, 8 HD Display, 16 GB, Black with Special Offers

With over 7,000+ reviews, the Amazon Fire deserves a spot on this list. Besides it’s amazing features such as Vibrant 8″ HD display, powerful processor, outstanding Dolby Audio and longer lasting battery life of 12 hours compared to other tablets, the price tag is one to be loved. It comes in 4 colors to pick from – Canary Yellow, Canary Blue and Punch Red

Since it is owned by Amazon, you can be rest assured that the tablet is packed with amazing features and supports most Amazon’s brand such as Alexa, supports and connects seamlessly to other Echo devices and also enjoys all that Amazon Prime has to offer, enjoy millions of movies, TV Shows, songs, Kindle eBooks.

With the new Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet, you can watch downloaded videos anywhere with a Prime membership or Netflix subscription – at no additional cost.

Fire HD 8 Tablet reveiews

Price: £79.99 | Source: Amazon

(3) Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Android 7.0 Tablet

Samsung Galaxy TAB S3 review

Talking about the best Android tablet money can buy today? You must be talking about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Android 7.0 Tablet. Packed with a lot of amazing features such as the ULTRA-thin 9.7 Inch crisp super AMOLED display that provides allows for a bright, bold and colourful image viewing with HDR playback capabilities.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Android 7.0 Tablet is in a class of it’s own. The sound system on this bad boy is amazing -it comes with four speakers that provides crisp and high quality sound tuned by AKG. Let’s not forget about the powerful processor it packs and it’s outstanding 12 hour long battery life span.

samsung SE review

Price: £599.00 | Source: Amazon

(4) Apple iPad Pro 10.5″

Apple iPad Pro 10.5 review save money

The iPad Pro comes in two sizes – the 10.5 inches and 12.9 inches respectively and just like Jay z and Beyonce – they are a power couple and is ideal for power users. The iPad Pro is a without a doubt the best full size table money can buy today on the market. It comes packed ofcourse with outstanding features and has power most laptops do not have and yet it is still super easy to use.

The Retina display has been re-designed to a much higher standard, it supports a much better refresh rate which means films, games and apps looks and feels spectacular. The iPad Pro comes with powerful chips and processors that puts incredible power in your hands – you can edit 4K video son the go or render an elaborate 3D model whilst creating complex documents and presentation. This is definitely a power house.

Price: £639 | Source: Amazon

(5) Microsoft Surface Pro Windows 10 Tablet

Microsoft Surface Pro Windows 10 Tablet review

Microsoft’s Surface Pro Windows 10 is a thin tablet powerhouse packed with the versatility of a studio and tablet which allows you to create, study, work and play virtually anywhere and anytime with it’s stunning 13.5 hours long battery life. This bad boy can easily switch between being a serious work station into a cool entertainment device in seconds with an integrated kickstand and huge battery life.

With a dazzling display of 12.3 inch PixelSense, the Microsoft Surface Pro delivers a breathtaking picture and the screen is ideal for watching movies and editing images. The Surface Pro comes with multiple hardware configurations to choose from depending on what you want to use it for.

Microsoft Surface Pro Windows 10 Tablet review 1

Price: £772.95  | Source Amazon

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(6) Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet

Fire HD 10 Tablet review

If we are to choose our favorite large screen Amazon tablet, the Fire HD 10 would be our choice. The brilliant 10 inch Full HD display ensures that you enjoy over 2 million pixels of HD display whether you are playing games, watching videos or reading eBooks and magazines.

As expected, the Amazon Fire HD 10 comes packed and supported with all Amazon’s goodies such as Hands-free Alexa, Echo devices support and Amazon Prime. It comes in different colours and capacity options ranging from 32 gig up to 256 GB depending on how fancy and productive you want to get.

Price: £149.99 | Source: Amazon

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(7) Samsung Galaxy Book 12 Inch LTE

Samsung Galaxy Book 12 Inch LTE review

The Samsung Galaxy Book 12 Inch LTE is actually called “A New Chapter For The Pc”. It comes packed with Windows 10 and engineered with the 7th Gen Intel Core Processor, the Galaxy Book has al the power and performance you need to stay mutli-tasking whilst on the move!

Right of the back, the Samsung Galaxy Book comes bundled with a keyboard cover and an enhanced S Pen which offers more control and access to useful features. The screen provides a bright and crisp display which brings whatever content you are glued to life in its 12 inch AMOLED display.

samsung galaxy book review

Price: £1,099.99 | Source: Amazon

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These are the 7 best tablets of 2018, do you agree? Which one do you have and which one are you buying? Let us know in the comment section below.

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